A Million Little Reasons…

Typically, I can give myself a million little reasons NOT to do something. I am cautious. The kind of cautious that often stifles spontaneity. And so most decisions are made by very careful calculations. That is, until I studied abroad in Europe during college. Hear this: I was still careful. I do not have a single regret about my European adventures, except that they came to a close earlier than I would have liked.

But while studying, living, and exploring in Europe, I gave myself a million little reasons to do something. Paraglide off the Swiss Alps? Why not?! Put off schoolwork to walk through a quaint city in The Netherlands? The only logical choice. Stay up too late talking and learning something new about someone or something? No hesitations. Buy a plane ticket to Italy and figure out a schedule when you get there? Obviously, that’s the only way to really travel. Hostels, strange food, new people, different cities, unshared languages, and none of it seemed to bother me.

My mom even commented after I came home that I was different; more relaxed, less stressed. Because I lived every day anticipating an adventure. My to do list didn’t own me. There were a million reasons to explore, to rest, to enjoy, and to grow.

But unfortunately, that didn’t last very long.

Now I find myself weighing options about how to spend my time and constantly coming up with a million reasons why I shouldn’t take a day off. Why I shouldn’t read a fictional book for pleasure. There are a million reasons to not eat lunch with my coworkers because of how long my to-do is. A million reasons to stay home and go to bed early because I’m busy and tired. My schedule rules my life and that to-do list is unrelenting.

The same is also true when it comes to my relationship with God and the things He asks of me. There are always a million little reasons to put my Bible down—or not even pick it up. A million distractions and tasks or more seconds to sleep. But if there are a million little reasons to say, “no” to God…then there are a million BIG reasons to say, “yes!” And that answer needs to be louder and more consistent in my life. And so here you can find short, challenging, and encouraging thoughts to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. Maybe this will be a place you come to rest mentally, or re-fuel emotionally. My prayer is that God will open my heart to be honest and speak only His Truth. Honestly, there are a million little reasons why I don’t want to do this… but God won’t let it go. So I’m not going to let it go.

Don’t let those little reasons keep you from hearing and responding to God today…

even if there are a million!