15 Things I Learned While Eating Whole30

I really tried to list 30 things I learned while eating Whole30, you know, because of the redundancy of the number 30…but that’s completely unnecessary. So here are 15 spiritual, and not-so-spiritual things, that I learned.

  1. My sweet tooth is worse than I realized.

Every day (literally every day) I smiled at Drew and said, “You know what sounds good?” He would shake his head and say, “an apple?” or “carrots?” No way! Ice cream. The answer was always ice cream.

  1. When you eat food that your body actually uses, you get hungry faster.

I had to eat more food at every meal and eat “snacks” throughout the day or life was coming to an end. I didn’t realize how so much of the food I usually eat just sits in my stomach making me feel full and sluggish for a long time. Probably not a good thing.

  1. Almond Butter saved me.

No joke. Did you know you can melt almond butter and pour it over egg & banana “pancakes” like syrup? Delish!

  1. I don’t have to put sugar in my coffee. (I’m a real adult now!)

I’m just going to take a bow while you take a moment to applaud me.

  1. My determination is stronger than I thought it was.

But seriously. I even made DOZENS of chocolate chip cookies and didn’t even lick the cookie dough off my fingers! I did not even lick my fingers, y’all. Major accomplishment.

  1. Carrots and apples are not the enemy.

I actually became okay with fruits and veggies being my go-to snacks and desserts.

  1. Sometimes carrots and apples are the enemy.

But sometimes I just wanted a stinkin’ cookie.

  1. I’m very vocal about how difficult and annoying things are, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

This goes for lots of things. Like if I’m working out and being deprived of oxygen, I’ll tell you this is awful. But will I keep squating? Yes. Yes, I will. When I’m doing a stupid food challenge/diet/cleanse and being deprived of the foods I love, I will tell you this is awful. But will I keep saying no to sugar and bread? You betcha.

  1. Planning and meal prep relieves unneeded stress throughout the week.

This really was a great discipline I will keep up!

  1. Hangry” is not a good reason to be rude to my husband.

Talk about conviction. Towards the end of week 2, I realized I had to figure out how to control my emotions. (I know you can’t believe it took Whole30 for me to catch the hint!) I had to learn to be careful with my words and not lash out about the missing yoga pants that should have been in the drawer but were not. I needed to eat an apple and not speak to anyone for a second. Then maybe the yoga pants could be found in a tender moment filled with love and good feelings. Maybe.

  1. Drew is very patient and gracious.

I mean, I knew this about the man, but he has way more patience than I do! That became extremely evident as “hangry” took over for a little while. Thanks, hubby, for being so wonderful. I’m sorry I bit your head off that one time. I tried to put it back gently. 🙂

  1. I want what I can’t have.

Spaghetti squash has sort of become a staple in the (almost) 2 years of our marriage. I think the whole idea of it fascinates me. But when I made spaghetti squash while eating Whole30, I was frustrated that I wasn’t making real pasta. When was the last time I made real pasta? Who knows! But the fact that I couldn’t make real pasta made me want it so badly. This actually turned into the lesson I taught in our student worship service. Maybe I’ll write more about it soon.

  1. The Food Network inspired me to enjoy the kitchen.

Were we stupid for watching the Food Network in all of its butter and sugar glory? Probably. But it definitely inspired and challenged me to enjoy cooking and look forward to spending quality time in the kitchen instead of dreading it.

  1. I really did have more energy by cutting out sugars and carbs.

I was skeptical about this one when I started. I thought I would have instant energy, but I didn’t. My body definitely had to adjust to its deprivation of energy “quick fixes”. However, the last two weeks have been great. I fall asleep fast, sleep extremely well, wake up rested and enjoy sustained energy levels that, overall, make me feel awesome!

  1. God can speak to you and teach you through even the most mundane tasks.

I learned so much about my relationship with God and myself during the past 30 days. Lessons on patience, self-control, idolatry, desire, grace. All of that from a food cleanse?! Who knew? But as I became more aware about what I was (and wasn’t) putting into my body, I became more aware of other things too. God used the past 30 days in a pretty profound way.

Whether or not you have any desire to eat Whole30, I encourage you to enter each situation focusing on the Lord and what He might have to teach you. God is ready to show you something today…are you going to look for it?

P.S. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you may need to come rescue me from cookie dough and pizza.

P.P.S. Intrigued by the feature image? You can find the recipe for the amazing red sauce HERE. (We ate this over spaghetti squash multiple times! A huge win for our family!)

Author: Callie Clayton

I am a Jesus follower who deeply values honesty, friendship, and chocolate. I want this space to be a reminder that you are not alone! In both the messy and sweet parts of life, God has something to say to you. Let's seek his voice and his Truth because without that, nothing else matters!

One thought on “15 Things I Learned While Eating Whole30”

  1. I’m so intrigued by this! I was cracking up too because I would act the same way…hangry. I’ve heard a lot of people trying the Whole 30. Greg is so picky, though. I’ll have to do some research maybe!


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